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The largest island of the Admiralty Islands subgroup of the Bismarck Archipelago, Manus is located in the northwestern regions of Papua New Guinea; its southern coast faces the Bismarck Sea, its northern coast the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. The island is located 274 km northeast from the New Guinea mainland and 285 km west from Lavongai.

Its forested interior is often rugged, with a maximum elevation of 718 m above sea level being reached at Mt. Dremsel near the south coast. Surrounding much of Manus is a well-developed barrier reef system, particularly prominent along the coasts of the north, west and southwest. The southern coast is lined by numerous patch reefs, shoals and small fringing reefs.

 Lihir OC-069

Lihir, located 50 km off the central east coast of New Ireland, is the largest island of the Lihir Group and is also the largest island of the Tabar-Lihir-Tanga-Feni island chain.

The island measures 21 km by 10 km and consists of several overlapping volcanoes that rise to a height of 700 m. The island is hydrothermally active with hot springs, mud pools and fumaroles. The Lihir Group also includes the smaller islands of Mali, Sanambiet, Masahet and Mahur.

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The Tabar Islands are located 24 km northwards from the central coast of the major island of New Ireland and 51 km northeast form the Lihir island group. The Tabar island group — forming part of the Bismarck Archipelago — consists of a short chain of three main islands — Tabar in the south, Tatau in the center, and Simberi in the north — as well as a number of smaller offshore islets.

Tabar Island measures 20 km in length and is up to 9 km across in the south, narrowing to 2 km in the centre; Tatau measures 16 km by 11 km, and Simberi, 8 km by 7 km. Tabar and Tatau are separated by a narrow channel of less than 1 km in width.

St Matthias OC-103

The Saint Matthias Islands (Mussau Islands) are a small group of islands of the Bismarck Archipelago. They are located 100 km northwest from Lavongai.

The main island of Mussau (414 km²) measures 32 km in length (southeast to northwest), with typical widths of 15 km. The islands of Emirau and Eloaua are found to the southeast and south, respectively.

Buka OC-135

The mountainous and volcanically active island of Bougainville is the largest member of the Solomon Islands group. It lies at the northern end of the group falling within the territory of Papua New Guinea, where it forms part of the Bougainville Province. The territorial border with the nation of the Solomon Islands is found just off the southern tip of the island.

Around the coasts of Bougainville are a number of smaller islands, the largest of these being Buka, with an area of 492 km² and measuring 56 km in length and 14 km across. Buka — lying off the northern tip of Bougainville — is separated from its larger southern neighbour by the narrow Buka Passage.  

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